Saturday, March 12, 2016

You are my cheerleader...

Dear You,                                                3/21

You know who you are. You are the eternal optimist. You're the infectious cheerleader. You are the glass, half-full, and a living example, of joyful. I've seen you in the grocery store, on the playground, in church, in the are everywhere.  When you spot me from across the room, you don't look away. You look directly at me, and your smile grows bigger. Your eyes grow larger. And if my arms reach out, you move in for a hug.  When you ask me a question, and I babble back to you, you throw your arms up and get so excited, and you quickly respond back with just the right words. You recognize that the sounds that I produced, took a lot of hard work!  And if I throw a sign or two at you, you are quickly jumping up and down in excitement, because you know I have been spending a lot of time practicing those signs. You can tell I am very proud of myself, as I clap along with you.  And when you know that other kids my age are running around on their two legs, and you see me eagerly taking steps as I hold onto mommy and daddy's hands, your expression lights up the room with know this is a proud moment.  You know I will succeed. You are amazing, for recognizing and believing that I am amazing.  So although this is national down syndrome month and we are celebrating my extra chromosome, I want to celebrate you right now.  You, the cheerleader. You, the eternal optimist. You, my number one fan and supporter.  It is all of you that make such a difference in my life, and others'. You make my small accomplishments big accomplishments.  So thank you!!


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