Monday, December 15, 2014

These Little Feet

Beautiful aren't they? Admittedly, baby feet are one of my favorite little baby features. So scrumptious. And these two little feet are no exception. You would never know by looking at these little feet, that each cell contains an extra amount of chromosome material. Perhaps these little feet alone can prove that they are more alike, than different, from every other little set of little feet. And as a mother, I have beautiful dreams for these little feet.  I dream that these little feet will lead him, one step at a time, into his mommy and daddy's arms. I dream of the pitter-patter sound that these little feet will leave behind, as he runs to seek his big brothers and sisters in a game of hide and seek. I dream that these little feet will be twirling and whirling after his sisters graceful dancing feet.  I dream that these little feet will be making a big puddle of a mess as they stomp through pools of rain water.  I dream that these little feet will one day kick that ball into the net with waves of encouraging cheer rolling towards the field.  I dream that these little feet will lead him to his first steps on the school bus, only pausing for a second to turn and say goodbye.  I pray that these little feet will walk besides Jesus's feet, and that his little hand will be tightly clasped in the middle of His almighty hand, leaning on Him and trusting Him, and when needed, to allow those powerful hands to carry him.  These hopes and dreams and prayers are not only for these little feet, but for every pair of little feet that have come into our family.  Each one is a unique gift, that bring us to our knees in gratitude and love.  And we recognize that each pair of feet should be lead, encouraged, modeled, and loved.  Today I am thankful for our six pairs of little feet.